I know it has been much quieter from here than we ever imagined. We will try to post some photo highlights and reflections of what the Lord is doing and has done in this trip once we settle back in at home. The main point is God is good. The subpoint is: Eleanor Mae RuiShan is a precious child, and we are blessed and thankful we get to be her family.

We have eaten our last dinner before we depart for the US and watched a fabulous light show on the Victoria Harbor. We are preparing now for our last sleep in Hong Kong before a 30-hour travel day from hotel to home. Part way through the journey home, Eleanor will become a US citizen, and at the end of it, we will land in our fair city with the precious girl we have all been praying to bring home for almost a year now! If you are going to be in Omaha tomorrow night (Friday, 9/16) and would like to meet Eleanor, here is our flight information.

American Airlines flight 138 departs HKG at 2:30 pm arrives DFW 4:15 pm (travel time = 14 hours 45 minutes)

American Airlines flight 2299 departs DFW at 8:45 pm arrives OMA 10:34 pm

We welcome your prayers. We are seated in a few groupings on the long flight from China, and to say that everyone is weary (and Ellie is in pain with some broken bones) is a true statement, so extra grace is needed for each one of us!