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This weekend we posted about having received a matching grant to help with the expenses of completing an adoption. If you missed it, you can see the details about God’s timing and provision here. That grant – one a friend had encouraged us to pursue – was just another example of how our community has come together to help bring this little child into a family – our family – with such love in action.

Love in action is really what this adoption has been about so far – and I suspect will continue to be as we transition from the preparation phase to the action phase of bringing Rui Shan into our family. It was love in action that caused someone to post her profile in our OI Parents group. It was love in action that brought our kids to start Operation Adoption, and it was love in action that brought so many generous people into our driveway in preparation for and on the days of an enormous garage sale. It was love in action that caused people to play Freethrows for Family, or collect soda cans they could have easily flung into recycling, and it was love in action that gave our kids so many work opportunities this summer. We have seen love lived out in your actions again and again – and that is what we are celebrating on Sunday. We want to invite you to come and celebrate this milestone: through your love in action, we are about to embark on the travel part of the adoption journey!

You will see love in action in a few very fun ways on Sunday! Feel free to bring friends, children, grandchildren, and come enjoy the delightful Floofus, have some munchies or a cup of coffee, and take a minute to sign Rui Shan’s quilt so she will one day soon be able to see and understand how very much she has been loved and anticipated since before we even saw her sweet face.



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Shortly after we received word of our Invitation to Travel, we received the welcome, wonderful, and timely news that our family has been selected to receive a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans! This organization offers many ways to help bring children into families by helping families meet the high costs of adoption. We are very thankful to have been selected to receive a $2,500 matching grant! This means that any gift that is made to our Lifesong account will be matched, dollar for dollar, doubling the impact and potentially becoming $5,000 toward our remaining expenses. If you would like to know more, please let us know.

You may also like to see what wonderful things they are doing by making a visit to