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Garage Sale Update

I promised a post about the garage sale, but – just like preparing for the sale itself – writing a post about it has been a little overwhelming and rather time-intense simply because what God did in and through this event was far more than we could ask or imagine! I’m very thankful He isn’t limited by my imagination: I think these stories of how He has provided for this adoption is going to be a very helpful reminder to us when we hit bumps upon our re-entry. His pattern of caring for and providing for this beloved child didn’t begin with our receiving a call to adopt her, and it won’t end when we get her home; this is just one piece of her story. From what we can see of it, the Author is writing an amazing, intriguing, suspenseful story of love and adventure!

When we first started thinking about ways we could raise money for the adoption expenses, we decided a garage sale would be a great way to pare down and sell all the junk we have accumulated and moved around in spite of having read every decluttering book ever written unneeded household items and increase the adoption fund.

God had something much bigger planned.

About three months before the sale date, dear friends who were moving gifted us the items they wouldn’t be taking to their new home in a different region of the U.S.. A few weeks later, we were blessed with another few pieces of furniture, and a few weeks later, a few more! That all sat in our garage for a month or so until we firmed up a date, and then our driveway got really busy. Word had somehow spread that we were having a garage sale to raise money for the adoption, and for the three weeks preceding the sale, car after car – and even some pick-ups and two trailers – pulled into our driveway to bring loads of treasures! Our whole garage was filled with furniture to sell, loaned ladders, planks, saw horses and tables to display the items. Our entire rec room floor was covered wall to wall with stacks of every imaginable item – and duplicates of some – getting sorted, priced, and packed into boxes by category to be displayed on the weekend of the garage sale.  Our family and some cheerful helpers spent days and evenings preparing, and as soon as we would get caught up, and get ready to start pricing our own boxes of stuff we had perennially forgotten to donate gathered goodies, someone else would gift us more merchandise. We were absolutely giddy with amazement over the abundance of truly wonderful things people had offered to us to sell!

IMG_5329Only about one-third of the yard sale is visible in this picture!

About a week before the sale, I felt the need to be praying for a specific number of shoppers – 1,000 to be exact. It seemed like a crazy ask, but when I looked around at the number of wonderful items to be sold, I knew that not only could God do that crazy thing, but also that we needed Him to, or there wouldn’t be enough buyers for all the merchandise. I asked a few friends to be praying with us for 1,000 shoppers. Although it seemed like an off-the-wall large number, if you’ve read the paragraph above about how God turned our family garage sale into a giant sales event, it will not come as any surprise to you that He again did more than we asked. In two days, we had over **1,200 people shop at our garage sale!

IMG_5331We had steady or heavy traffic on both days!

To top it off – literally – in keeping with God’s nature of providing what we need even before we know we need it, thoughtful friends had loaned us a huge, sturdy canopy which shaded us during the hottest weekend I have intentionally spent outside.

IMG_5333That canopy was sale HQ and a welcome reprieve from the sun’s heat!

** Although this number is an estimate, it is probably on the low end. Not only is the number of people who came to our garage sale astounding, but the conversations that we were able to enjoy with many of the people were wonderfully encouraging for us, and hopefully for them as well!

Here are a few snapshots of our favorite stories in brainstormed order:

  • A friend who adopted from China a few years ago came to our sale and walked around explaining to people what we were doing. She even tried to engage in a bidding war over an oriental rug to raise more money 🙂 It meant so much to have friends helping us spread the word to the many shoppers about what we were doing.
  • Friends came and took pictures and shared live updates on social media, which brought more shoppers.
  • We learned a good deal about future ministry opportunities and thoughtfulness: at three different times throughout the sale – and just when energy was flagging – friends appeared with slices of watermelon, a blender of fruit smoothies, and pre-cut cups of fruit with disposable forks. It was just so wonderful to have the much-needed refreshment as well as the reminder that we were being prayed for and cared for on the hot days.
  • We met an astounding number of people whose lives have been touched by adoption. Many of them had great stories to share about when they or their family or friends were adopting, and then – best of all – great stories from present day about the children and what they are doing now. Several shoppers had recent experiences of traveling to China and were able to talk to us about that, too.
  • One man came to shop who had just seen the signs on the street. We didn’t have anything that interested him, but after I told him what the garage sale was for (“You are adopting?” Note to self: schedule hair appointment or face lift), he continued looking around. He eventually came up to me, handed me an item that wasn’t marked and asked me the price. I gave him a price, and he handed me more money than I said, and told me he didn’t want the item – just wanted us to have his contribution.
  • One friend came and brought us a fresh flower in a water tube and told us she was praying.
  • Countless customers came strictly because we were having such a gigantic sale, but when they found out what our purpose was, they shopped and shopped, and paid full price or more for the items they took home!
  • One couple came who heard on social media about our garage sale from my cousin in Virginia. They have been long-time friends of my godparents, and have been in Omaha for a while, but this event was the first connection our families have had!
  • We were blessed by several young people who were themselves adopted: one, a young lady who was adopted from China came with her parents and they all offered to help us as we welcome this little one into our home and into our community. It is so helpful to have a supportive community waiting with us, and standing at the ready!
  • Jason was finishing a sale with a customer who had been shopping with her daughter, a girl about 10 years old. After her mom finished her purchase, the girl started digging through her wallet and reached out to him with her last three coins.  She handed them to him saying “I am adopted and I want to help.”  It was incredibly humbling to see this modern day version of a parable lived out through the faith of this young girl who knows what it means to be adopted.
  • We hadn’t asked for friends or family to help, not because we didn’t welcome the help, but because we didn’t want to ask anyone else to stand out in this weather. Nonetheless, we had an unbelievable number of family members and friends come to help us prepare, to set up, to man the tables, and to help get it all put away afterward. The most surprising help came at the end of the first day when we were hot and tired. Jason and I were both marveling at how much had been sold, and trying to assess how to close up shop without taking everything inside. As we stood surveying our yard, another car pulled up, and a man got out. I thought, “Wow. He sure looks like my Uncle Armando.” It was enough of a resemblance that Jason also commented on it, and we took another glance at the vehicle, which wasn’t their Honda. And then a woman got out of the car who looked remarkably like my Aunt Lynn, because Lynn and Armando had, in fact, come all the way from Longmont, Colorado, to spend their 35th wedding anniversary helping us at our adoption garage sale. Don’t we have the most amazing family and friends?

IMG_5326Some of our amazing work crew enjoying the breeze and a break

Thank you for helping – for praying, for donating, for sharing the posts on social media, for shopping, for gifting us with your time, energy, and financial resources. We are so grateful for all that you did. Thanks to so many people’s generosity, the garage sale added over $5,000 to our adoption fund!


Thank you!












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  1. I am just now getting to the reading of this post. I have tears streaming down my face!!! God is SOOOOO good!! In our humanness, we underestimate Him time and time again, but His love for us is never ending and overflowing!!! Wonderful to read about the Blessing of the Yard Sale!!!!


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