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Mei Mei

In the midst of preparing for an absolutely enormous garage sale to add to our adoption fund, we paused to work on a project that is at the heart of what we are doing:


We are tying heart strings with a precious daughter who was born and is being raised in China.  We will soon be on our way to bring her into our family. In the meantime, however, we are hoping that even as we prepare, her little heart will also be getting ready for this big transition, and that her foster family will experience peace and hope as they help her to prepare.

On our side of the globe, with the help of a wonderful app called Pleco, we are learning a bit of Mandarin, some Chinese characters, and the written pinyin that will help us remember how to pronounce the characters.


Rui Shan is the “mei mei” or little sister. We hope our handwriting is legible!


We included a note to the dear people who are caring for Rui Shan, some sweets to share with her family, her caregivers, or her class, and some cameras which we are hoping they will use to capture elements of her daily life in China so she can “remember” her baby days.


May this small package help her and her caregivers to feel the love that surrounds them from afar for now!





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