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Freethrows for Family Update

A friend and I have been working on a project to catalog our church’s amazing children’s library, and I was being trained on the data input this afternoon. It is quite an undertaking, but the end result will make this great collection of family resources easily searchable, which will be wonderful!

While I was away working on that, our dear friends (you!) were busy sharing links to our Freethrows for Family game; when I got back to look at updates, we had quite a few more spots filled!  Thank you for sharing information about what we are doing and for helping us move forward in this adoption. Before we started this journey, I had no idea what an incredible encouragement it is to families in the process of adopting to know that there are others who are willing to walk along the road beside them. As we were praying tonight, with gratitude for each of you, I saw an image of a couple and their children walking along a country road. Before long, there were a few people beside them, then a few more, and pretty soon it was a crowd of people all walking along together with this family. That’s what it feels like tonight. Thank you for walking along this stretch of road with us!

Here are the numbers we have left. We’re hoping that the word will continue to spread and that we may have all the spots taken before the games begin. If they aren’t, we will still keep playing anyway with hope that more people will join in and fill the board, but it will be more fun if all the players can be cheering for their iPad team right from the beginning! Please keep on sharing… 🙂FullSizeRender-3


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