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The Great Seal Adventure – Part 2 and 3




On attempt number three we can finally report that all the documents are authenticated at the state level and will be on the way to Washington tomorrow for a trip through the U.S. State Department office and the Chinese Embassy.

We would like to say it was easy, but we value honesty.  After the document rejection last week, we had the document in question re-issued and notarized the next day, and sent it by mail to the Secretary of State’s office.  We made a daily trip to the mailbox expecting the authenticated document to be there by Wednesday – Thursday at the absolute latest.  When it hadn’t arrived by Thursday, a call to the Secretary of State’s office revealed that the second notarization was not correct either. So for the second Friday in a row, Jason tracked down documents and signatures. We had a lovely and efficient return trip to the capitol city this afternoon resulting in another step in the process completed (and some ice cream for our cheerful companions).  We are so grateful!


This office is home to a true public servant (probably a number of them) who helped expedite today’s correction so the dossier can be traveling over the weekend.

IMG_4636These two were pretty excited that the state authentications are finished – and were happy for another chance to visit Baskin Robbins.

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