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The Great Seal Adventure

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
Proverbs 16:9
This truth was evident yesterday when we went for a drive to the Capitol to have our bundle of fourteen items authenticated. The secretary of state’s office checks to make sure that the notary public who witnessed each document is a current notary, that it is his or her signature that is on the document, and when all this checks out, the clerk attaches a coversheet verifying this with the Great Seal and a letter from the secretary of state. We were all very much anticipating seeing what that would look like and then sending the packet on to DC today.
But that is not how this plan played out.
Shortly after we arrived (but before we had written the check), the clerk who was validating the signatures came to us and pointed out that one of the notaries had neglected to include her middle initial in the signature, so her signature on the document doesn’t match her signature in the log.  They can’t authenticate it like that, because it isn’t her signature of record.
I’m here tonight to tell you three things:
1) I hadn’t anticipated that anything could or would prevent us from coming back with all fourteen documents sealed and ready to ship off to DC to head to the US Secretary of State’s office on Monday morning.
2) God wasn’t surprised, and in his kindness prepared us for this possibility by a fellow adoptive mom sharing her story of a document needing to be completely redone before it could be authenticated at the state level.
3) Some of these documents we need to have authenticated have involved many steps and some lengthy processes in order to get them finished and notarized. We are thankful that the document with the faulty notarization was not one of those. Jason was able to speak with the person who needed to reissue the document today, and we now have a corrected version in our hands, ready to head back to the Capitol for authentication on Monday.
In all, the trip was a great success. We got to show our kids around our beautiful Capitol, we happened to be there at a time to intersect with some friends who had just finished conducting some hard but important business, and we presently have 13/14 documents authenticated and ready to go on. Lord willing, we should be ready to have the dossier on its way to DC by midweek next week.
Did I mention it was a beautiful day? Here are a few pics of the goodness:
 On the observation deck at the top of the Capitol.
 “We were up there!”
 Thankful to be on this journey with this crew!
The Great Seal!


Sweet delights to end the day

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