When this blog title came to me, I was expecting it to be a lighthearted download of ways in which I see God working in a family with young children.  I am publishing this first post now, but that plan was formed over four years ago when I was leaving a position on the church staff for which I wrote a brief devotional each week.  I was worried that without the accountability of a weekly deadline I wouldn’t maintain the discipline of writing, which is one of the things that helps me to see God’s amazing way of working right before my eyes.  At the time, I had three young children and we were expecting our fourth child.  Through them, I often saw myself as I imagine God might see me, and I was delighted with the wonder of it all in that season of my life.  

On what was to be my last day at my job, I went for a prenatal check of our baby.  I was well into the second trimester, and my husband and I were shocked to learn that the baby’s heart had stopped beating.  In the days and months that followed, we were blessed and awestruck to see God’s amazing grace poured out on us.  We were like babies ourselves, knowing nothing of this new world we found ourselves in, but having our every need met with love, warmth and tenderness – usually before we even knew there was a need.  We look back on that season four years ago and we are still overwhelmed by the sweetness of God’s unfailing love and perfect provision in what was the hardest thing we had ever walked through.  
In the four years since, our family has walked some very hard paths.  We lost our fifth child, again in the second trimester.  A year and a half later, two of our parents and our beloved pastor fought battles with aggressive cancers.  Two of these dear ones have now joined Jesus and the saints around the throne, along with the two grandparents who were beloved mentors to both my husband and me – all in one year.  It has been a very steep stretch of road.  We are still grieving.  But even as difficult as this has been, we have seen wondrous things.  We have seen miraculous things.  And in the same four years, we have been blessed with another little life laughing and filling our home with an abundance of joy.  
These seasons of joy and grief have all been seasons of wonder.  We are in one of those right now.  I bet you are, too.  Will you join me in pondering the awesomeness of God’s grace in this new season of wonder?